Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stencils Idea 7 with stitching and fabric

Well, Kids, I saved the easiest one for last. All I did was take a Zoe stencil, go around the edges with a Sharpie water-based paint pen, drew a heart on it and colored it in with the same pen. When it was totally dry, I scratched off some of the paint pen by running my fingernail right to left and then top to bottom. Afterward, I wrote, on top of the scratched out paint with another color and sewed that little baby down by zigzagging it down, going around the shape of the heart only, on top of my page which I had previously embellished with fabric scraps, lace and a photo. The words may be a little hard to read at the angle the photo was shot, but they are: P.S. I love you!
If you would like to purchase any of these stencils, you can find them in my daughter Jeane's etsy store by clicking here.
I had a lot of fun playing with our stencils all week and sending out posts. I hope you will have fun playing with our stencils, too.


  1. I so enjoyed your series on the new stencils. So many possibilities, so little time. Thanks for sharing. Those stencils are awesome.

  2. Simple is COOL! I LOVE IT! Thank youuuu both so much for sharing. I LOVE my stencils! :)

  3. My set of stencils arrived yesterday. Now to find the time to play. Thanks for all the tips!