Friday, May 29, 2015

Tangled Canvas Tote

This is a little canvas tote bag that I tangled this morning to passs some time in a waiting room. My tangles from top to bottom are Betweed, Cubine, Tipple, Flux, Florz, W2, Msst and Antidots.  I put together a few kits if anyone is interested in making them. They are available in my etsy shop. I am also selling just the pens for people who want to tangle on something a little different. It was great fun, and I am happy with the results.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

See Jane draw strings!

Ok, so I was being a little silly with my title, so I apologize. My string below is now String 157 on I did a little tile to show I used it, and I wanted to identify the tangles since I got a few questions about them. You can find lots more strings here if you are looking for any.
The patterns I used starting from the bottom left corner moving up to the top are as follows: A) flux B) Shattuck variation, C)  Socc  and on the outside border D) twistee with a side of antidots.  If any of you use my string, I would love to see what you create.  You can use the blue add your link button at the bottom of the page to show your creation.

Friday, May 8, 2015

A New Tangle: 4MOM

I believe I have come up with a new tangle! I am calling it 4MOM. You can see why in the stepouts. I made it to share with some of my Zen friends including Alice Hendon for Mother's Day. It is just two steps, and then you may play with it, if you wish. Mix and match the patterns, or make your own to go in the first two steps. Have fun, and Happy Mother's Day to all of you.

If you would like to see what Alice did with 4MOM, you can see it here:    Be prepared to stay awhile when you go. She has incredible Zen art there, because that's how she rolls!

Update: You can now find my tangle 4MOM on here

UPDATE 11.25.15 : IF you would like to join a facebook group where we share our love of tangling in journals, here is a link:
A couple of weeks ago, I started a new tangling group on facebook and everyone is welcome to come take a peek and see what is going on. As of today, almost 500 people are there looking at the art of the members, leaving comments, and posting their art. There are weekly ideas for participation, but they are optional,.
Starting Dec. 1 and running all the way through Dec. 25, 2015, there will be one or more tangle artists with one or more of their tangles, every single day, ones that have never appeared on They will be providing the stepouts for these tangles, so if you are a tangler, you won't want to miss this.
Besides all that fun, members post their work when they like, whatever tangling they have in their journals, so that is always fun, too.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ORDERING THE TANGLE A DAY CALENDAR FOR 2018,  I have them available for preorder in my etsy shop now, until they are sold out. I should be receiving them after October 10, and plan to ship the day after they arrive on my doorstep. Shipping is only $3.50 to the USA. This year's calendar features the artwork of artist extraordinaire, Margaret Bremner. To see examples of her work, go here.

Each day of the year offers a space for creating Zentangle-inspired art. Use the calendar as a tool for some Zentangle relaxation time, a workbook for learning new tangles, or creating a visual art diary for 2018. Each month is illustrated with a step-out that explores the use of fragments and grids. Each 8” x 5” page is printed on cover stock that takes Sakura Micron pen with ease!

Here below are a few photos showing how I have used 4MOM so far. You can see how I have mixed some of the designs in my variations in these pieces.