Friday, August 31, 2012

New Classes Added to My Teaching Schedule

I've been busy setting up new classes and now have them listed in the sidebar. If you have any questions, please let me know by emailing me @ And if you want to sign up, info. for each class is listed in the sidebar as well.

I am pleased to say that I  will be at The Occasional Artist in downtown Glendale, AZ.  There will be  two Zentangle® classes and a demo. at an upcoming make and take, as well as a fiber arts journal class. The pictures below show the journal as well as examples of some of the Zentangles® I've been playing with lately. Fun projects!

I've also been booked to teach 3 classes for an art retreat this December in southern AZ. I don't know if I am more excited about being fed by a personal chef the whole time or going to have fun with the girls for a a long weekend, but just maybe I don't need to decide. It is just gonna be fun. Period. I can't tell what the classes are 'cause it is part of the surprise everyone signed up for. It filled quickly when it was announced to their group, but I think a few more spots may be squeezed in soon. If you want more info. about how to meet up with Denise and her group, you can contact her @

I also took a new sample of my September class at Frenzy Stamper, for the quilt and doily journal with flowers to Frenzy Stamper, so you can see it there or in a photo below. Each person will leave with their own one of a kind creation and extra flowers to use on other projects. A few other examples are shown in an earlier post.

Friday, August 24, 2012

At Last!

I got my etsy shop updated yesterday. At last! Here are a few examples of what the new things are. Whether you are just window shopping or looking for something for that someone special (like maybe you, cause you know you deserve it), I hope you find something you like! You can find my shop by clicking here: or clicking on one of the photos in the sidebar. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

What's New?

Well, lotsa stuff, really.

First, I am happy to report that I am now a CZT, a Certified Zentangle® Teacher. My trip to Providence was fabulous, not only to be certified, but all the new learning and making new friends, some of whom live not so far away. It's funny how a trip cross country can introduce you to someone in your own "back yard!" I am working out the details of getting my classes set up and will post them on my blog, when I have that finalized. I will also be available for classes, home party style. If you are interested in that, send me an email at 

I am also in the process of updating my etsy shop to include additional items. This afternoon, I will be working on getting in more of my fabric journals in a variety of sizes and styles. Selling at Art Unraveled happily : ) wiped out lots of my stock, so I have been trying to catch up since then and get more things listed. I put my new artists' clean up cloths in there yesterday. I got tired of buying baby wipes over and over again and seeing how quickly they dry out, so I set to work on a solution. The cloths are 100% cotton, can be kept moist in a little dish while you are painting and gluing, and getting all kinds of goopy. You just keep your hands wiped as  you go, and this eliminates the need to be standing at the sink forever trying to get everything off. Because they are 100% cotton and hand crocheted (by me) resulting in a lot of texture, all the artists that field tested them have come back with the same report: they love them. At last, but not least, Mother Nature loves them too, becuase at the end of creative time, you rinse them and reuse them. Since they stay wet while you use them, rinsing them is a breeze. They are also machine washable and dryable!

And speaking of getting paint and goop on your hands, exciting news indeed! Kelly Kilmer is coming back to Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale SOON, and she is breaking out the paint. Paint we haven't used before!!! Yes, really! So gorgeous, if you are like me, you will want to eat the pages. And that's not all. She has several other new classes on journal making, lettering and an amazing book whose pages fold out in lots of different directions. I got a sneak peek earlier this month, and can't get it out of my head. Go here: for more details, pictures and everything you always wanted to know. Tell her I sent 'cha.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Have I Mentioned That I Love My Job?

My body is coming down from my Art Unraveled High! I taught four classes, took two, and sold my creations at the shopping extravaganza. Add to that staying up way too late giggling with other artists, teachers, and friends and I. AM. EXHAUSTED!

The art journal that I made to be auctioned off for charity raised an surprising $175.00  in a bidding war, which just makes me so happy because all the proceeds go to a children's art organization. Thanks to all of you who bid and congratulations to Marcy for the last bid, making her the winner!

I sold a record amount of artwork on shopping day, so now I have to get cranking big time for the next show. This is when loving your job, which I do, comes in handy. I had to have a friend with a truck help me get everything for the week over there since it wouldn't all fit in my SUV, but I was happily able to get all the sewing machines, supplies, suitcases, and leftovers from the sale in my vehicle alone to get home, and I could see out of all the windows! I'll bet other drivers were happy for that.

You just never know how inspiring this sort of thing can be until you go and stay. People are just inspiring each other like crazy, making the coolest things, and swapping tales and art. Wow, did I ever come home with some good trades, including my art for other teaching artists' art. Great stuff!
Thanks to all my students who chose my classes, including locals and those who came from all over the United States, and even one who came all the way from Venezuela. You inspired me and I loved working with you, sharing ideas, and learning from you.

To Jane Davies who taught me some tips about making fabric paper that I never tried before when I was doing it, thanks so much.  A lot more of that is going to be made in my studio, for sure.  And to Leighanna Light who taught me how to make birds out of old tins and other odd metal parts, your class was wonderful. Jeane has already lay claim to one of the flock. I have a new appreciation for that muscle type of work,  and it makes me wish I could do them on the sewing machine instead. : )

I am now in the process of finalizing my proposals for next year which are due soon and crossing my fingers to be lucky enough to be selected again from amongst the usual hundreds of proposals that are sent in. Wish me luck!

In the meantime, I have several upcoming classes at Frenzy Stamper which are listed in the sidebar of my blog. I plan to be adding some other classes to at least two other local venues in the upcoming few months as well. Even though I don't exactly know how I got so lucky to have this "job," I am feeling very lucky!

Photos for the Flowered, Upscaled Quilt and Doily Book


Photos for  The 10 of Hearts ATC Swap Book

Photos for The Double Double