Monday, March 22, 2010

Stencils Idea 2 with stitching and fabric

Today you get to see what I did with the Olivia stencil I saved from yesterday without washing it off. After smearing it while still wet, and allowing it to dry, I turned the stencil upside down (inky side down on fabric and clean side up) on one of my book pages and sewed it down with intentionally uneven stitches. First, I sewed with lime green and then I sewed with black. Afterward, I just placed another scrap from the book cover on top of the stencil, cut out a heart from another scrap I had in my scrap stash, and zigzagged around it. If you would like to buy any of these stencils, you can get them in my daughter Jeane's etsy shop.

1 comment:

  1. What a great idea using the stencils like this and then stitching lines that way. Way too cool. It has given me some ideas to use with a bunch of shaped stencils I have. I love the itty bitty stencils you and Jeane made. Your work is gorgeous.