Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Stencil Project

My daughter, Jeane, and I do a lot of artsy things together which includes planning, what ifs and other talk, not just creating things to keep one another company. This past week was no exception. We have been working together on making sets of stencils in different shapes and sizes that can be used in mixed media work. You can use them to block out areas of your paper or fabric, and color, spray, ink, etc. the area around them to save for art, writing, evidence, or whatever makes your heart happy, using and reusing these over and over again. You can also write or stamp on them and use them as journal decor. She has more samples of our sizes and shapes and what has been done with them on her blog now here and here and is selling them in her etsy store now. Stay tuned to her blog for additional ideas of how to use them. We plan to try them out on fabric next and I will have a supply of our stencils for sale at Art Unraveled this summer, if they aren't all snatched up before then.


  1. Have I told you yet that I *love love love love LOVE* the stencils? L O V E LOVE

    I can't wait to see what you guys do with them with fabric! OOH LA LA!!!

  2. You and Jeane are so awesome together it makes me want to cry!