Thursday, January 31, 2013

Change of Plans - Schedule Change

There has been a little change in plans, but that is a good thing because everyone involved is happy about this. To keep it short, let me just tell you that Saturday's class at Occasional Artist has been changed from Tangle in a Tangle to Zentangle for Greeting Cards. You can see class samples here:
Class will be from 10:00 am til 12:30 am. We will complete 4 cards in class and you can take home supplies for two more and even tangle your envelopes to match. There are more details in the side bar. You can call the store to sign up or email me:

Friday, January 11, 2013

We're Gonna Play It Again!

Since December was a busy month for lots of people, we were only able to schedule the December Zentangle class one time when we normally do each class twice. This was the class on making zentangle ® greeting cards and matching envelopes. Well, we are gonna do something about that! We are gonna play it again in February and March! More details are in the sidebar and right here, too, along with more pictures. If you missed it the first time, I would love to have you with us when we do take 2!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Something Special: The White Pages

These are a few of the pages from my newest class that was added to the Art Unraveled lineup yesterday. I originally proposed this class for last year's lineup, but other classes were chosen then. But this year, it's a go, and I am pretty excited about it! I really did have a lot of fun making it and can't wait to help others do their own version of it. The class is called Something Special: The White Pages. I made it thinking there are lots of things fiber artists save in their stashes for something special and I thought this might be a great time to break those special things out and put them in a book. Students can do their pages all white, or whatever color(s) they prefer. I can't wait to see their creations. Find more info. and pictures here...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gelli Plate Journal

My friends and family and I have been playing with my gelli plates. If you have never met a gelli plate, you are missing out. It is so easy even a 5 year old can get fabulous results. I know this because my 5 year old grandwonderful came for a sleepover on her winter break from school, and she did an amazing job. She is still telling people about her monoprints! I bought enough so that when I teach, each student doesn't need to invest in a gelli plate before they find out if they want to make just one project or buy one and make all kinds of other wonderful things. The class will be small enough for each student to have their own to borrow during class! Speaking of that, there are two gelli plate classes coming up at Frenzy Stamper, and you can be in either one since they both have openings left! Here are pictures of what we will be making. After making lots of prints on a variety of papers, fabric, tags, etc. we will be combining them all together to make a journal. Fun awaits, and we would love to see you in class!
Frenzy Stamper 7064 E. 5th Avenue
Scottsdale, AZ 480- 946-0007
Please call the store to register.

Gelli Prints Journal $40.Sat., Jan. 26, 3013 12 - 5 pm and repeating
Fri., Feb. 8, 2013 10 am - 4 pm with an hour break for lunch on Friday only.
Bring your own or grab something nearby.
Note: Due to the popularity of these two classes, the class will be repeated again on Saturday, April 13 from 10 am - 4 pm.
Gelli plates, paints, brayers, fabrics, papers, and nearly everything else will be provided for use in class. If you decide it is something you want to do more of, you can then buy your own gelli plate and/or brayer from Debbie, at the store, to take home and play with to your heart's content!
Student Supply List: scissors, glue stick or favorite adhesive 

Optional: brayer, if you have one, please bring so you don't have to wait to share, sewing machine and thread IF AND ONLY IF you prefer to sew things into your journal rather than gluing them in - Sewing machine rental is $5. if you want to rent one, but machines are limited, so reserve one when you reserve the class, again this is optional.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

A New Zentangle® Class

The newest Zentangle® class that I have scheduled is called Tangle in a Tangle. In this class, we will learn new tangles that have not been covered in the previous classes at Occasional Artist. We will begin by making entire tiles of just one tangle. After that tangle is complete, we will work other tangles into the white spaces of the existing tangle. Sounds tricky, but following the philopsophy of Zentangle®, anything is possible one stroke at a time, it is going to be indeed possible! Below are samples of the tiles. Here is the class info.:
Place: The Occasional Artist 7150 North 57th Dr. Glendale, AZ 85301 847-2215 Call the store to register for classes.
Zentangle - Tangle in a Tangle
Fri., Feb. 15, 2013 10:30am - 1:30 pm

Zentangle 1 is not a prerequisite for this class. Everyone is welcome to sign up.
Students should bring: 1 Black Micron pens size 01 or whatever size you prefer, a tortillion (paper stump) #2 or softer pencil (not a mechanical pencil) These items are available for purchase at the store (or me at classtime, in the event they sell out at the last minute, since Zentangle items are selling like hot cakes there right now). Optional: a micron pen with a larger tip such as size 05 or 08 if you like coloring in black spaces faster since there will be plenty of black this time.

Materials Provided by Teacher: Zentangle tiles, paper, takehome handouts with directions for each new tangle

If you haven't already taken the zendala class, it will be repeating on Thursday, January 31. More details are in the sidebar. If you have any questions about any of the classes, please contact me at      We always have so much fun in class, and I would love to have you there, too!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sittin' on a Secret No More!

I've been sittin' on a secret for a while, but today it is a secret no more! I've been asked back to Art Unraveled again this year, and I will be teaching Zentangle® classes and then selling my Scrappy Chic fabric art at the shopping extravaganza! I am over the top happy and honored to be amongst the group of talented teaching artists that Linda has rounded up. The schedule promises to be one of the best ever. As far as me taking classes, I may need to see if there is any way I can be in two places at once 'cuz there are times when I could clearly be in one of many places and be happy.  You can get more info. about all the classes here, but I wanna show you on the blog the tangled shoes I have been working on for my grandwonderfuls and myself. They were SO MUCH FUN to make! Details and more photos for the  classes I will be teaching are here, here, and here. I'm looking to seeing old friends and making many more new ones!
Update: Another class has been added, one from my Scrappy Chic Design collection. YOu can find out more about it here and here. It is called Something Special - The White Pages because we are gonna use some of those things we have been saving up for something special, and my pages are all from the white family of colors, although students have an option to use whatever colors they wish!