Saturday, March 20, 2010

REviSitiNg the StEnciL ProJeCt

Back on March 13, I posted information on "The Stencil Project," as I like to call it, because my daughter Jeane and I are working on it together. Together we have worked up some ideas on what to do with stencils, or masks, whichever word works best for any particular one of our ideas. The set of "Quinn" stencils are shown above, but we have many other styles and mixed packs of minis, too. Jeane has been showing some of the things you can do with our stencils, but next week, it will be my turn. Jeane's blog mostly has examples that revolve around paper. On my blog, we are going to put ideas of what you can do with the same stencils she is using, but the ideas will revolve around fabric and stitching. Starting tomorrow, I will post one idea a day for seven days in a row to show you different ideas of what to do with the stencils. If you would like to purchase any of these stencils, right now we have them all in Jeane's etsy shop, but if we have any left come August, I will be selling them at Art Unraveled the week I will be there teaching there and setting up my table of goods for sale.

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