Thursday, April 22, 2010

And the Winner is...

Ya know how sometimes sumthin' is just meant to be? Well, here is one we can't argue for sure. So I went to google to find the site for the random number generator. I entered the range of possibilities and a number popped up. I was all ready to come back to the blog and see whose entry matched that number when I realized that the range I entered was incorrect! YiKeS! I had denied the last people who commented a chance to win. I felt terrible, but I knew I had to give everyone a chance, so I started over with the correct range number in place. I double checked it make sure I didn't mess it up again, and guess what? The same number came up the second time. and the number was 3, curiously my second favorite number, second to 23. Eerie, no? Well, not for the winner.So, I came back to the blog, and the third person to comment was Paper Pumpkin! So, Miss Paper : ), send me your mailing address, and you get the goods!
Happy Earth Day, Everyone! Mother E. is smilin' today, cause today is her day.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Attention Followers: Earth Day Giveaway!

April 22, 2010 will be the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. In honor of that occasion, I made a journal today recyling fabric from a pair of capri jeans I bought that were too long and that I hemmed. It has two signatures of Wassau cardstock pages in it, 40 heavy duty pages in all, great for paint and a whole lot of fun. Anyone who is a public follower of this blog, anywhere in the world, and who also leaves a comment with this post stating s/he is interested in winning is eligible. I will announce the winner some time on the 22nd. The winner will then be asked to notify me with a mailing address. Stay tuned. : )
Note: If you are not currently a public follower, you may sign up to be one any time before the drawing and still qualify. If you are a follower of my old blog, that site will be removed from the web before Thursday. All content from that blog was moved here when I started this one, so it is time.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Double Double Trouble?

If you think of trouble more as an opportunity to solve a problem, then here is an opportunity for anyone who is going to be in the Phoenix area on June 12, 2010. I am scheduled to teach my newest book, the Double Double on May 1st. The spaces were all sold out. So, this presented an opportunity for me to schedule another exact same class on June 12. It will be at Frenzy Stamper as well, and it will run from 10:30 til 5:30 with an hour break in there for lunch. These are reruns of the pictures I posted in March. I have been playing around with other different color combinations and types of fabrics since then. Some are in my etsy shop, while others are just sitting around waiting for their time to be presented. Anyway, I will bring several examples of different ones, including one I made of upholstery fabrics that that has a very rich type of look to it, so people get a better idea of the range of possibility. If you want to sign up, call the store at 480-946-0007, or send me an email, and we will get you in. I'd love to have you in class.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Journals for Sale

heart with green tie: sold

patches with purple tie: sold

Come and play: sold

I have accumulated enough journals that I am ready to let some go out to good homes. I have listed them in my etsy shop here. The pictures above are just the front covers. For additional details, see the extra photos and descriptions in the shop. I can give a shipping quote for sending outside the USA, if anyone is interested. Just let me know. Thanks!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Art JourAl PAgEs

My journal style has typically been to either write about a holiday, document where I have been with evidence, or to just go off about something. For example, when I was going through cancer, I filled so many volumes, it is almost scary. I want to journal more, and when I haven't, I have told myself it is ok because that must mean I am pretty happy and have nothing to go off about. But while that felt ok to some degree, I still wanted to do more. I have bags of evidence from at least 3 big adventures I haven't even journaled. Sigh. I could continue writing about this, but I think I am starting to sound like I am in therapy or something, so I won't. : )
Anyway, I decided to incorporate some art into my writing and start making use of some of the plethora of things I have purchased to journal with. These are just some of my recent pages. I can't show them all because I still do go off about "stuff" in my journals, but these photos are ones I can share. Some of them are based off of prompts from my online class with Kelly Kilmer called A Life Made By Hand. Others are just whatever comes to me. I am getting so into this that I actually went to the studio after work one day this week and stayed there 'til almost midnight (YEA!) and only went to bed then because I had to be at work the next morning. I consider that a good thing.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

"The Workbook" PLAYBOOK

These are bonus pages are from the newest online art class I am taking. The class doesn't actually begin for a few weeks, but the teachers are letting people in to the teaching site to look around and get warmed up while we wait. I signed up for it because I wanted to be pushed in a direction I think this class will take me. That's why I am calling it "The Workbook." Don't get me wrong. I was and still am what some people call "one of those crazy kids who LOVE workbooks." For this class, I will read the directions like in a real workbook, look at the pictures like in a real workbook, BUT then do what I wanna do. That's when my workbook becomes my PLAYBOOK! I know that's ok, because the teacher wrote that there are no rules. Good thing because the first page assignment stated that fabric is optional. What? Uh, what? In my world, fabric is never optional, so instead of putting one optional piece as in the example provided at the site, I put six scraps from other recent projects on mine. There are some other little details that I translated to my liking, too. I think I'm gonna like this. It's kinda like breaking the rules on purpose, except that the teacher said there are none. Sigh.