Monday, December 27, 2010

As Promised, Part 1

In earlier postings, I wrote that I would have pictures of my Scrappy Paper Quilting soon. Here are some of the photos of various things, sheets that I used to create other projects and some of the projects themselves. In the Frenzy Stamper class, we will be making a composition book with tabs, a postcard, a folder, a greeting card and a mailing envelope. Participants can also make additional sheets of paper if time allows to allow for more project creating later. More details are in the margin. Call the store to sign up, or email me at because I can save you a spot. I will send a confirmation when I receive an email.
Somehow, some of the  photos got left off the original posting titled: As Promised, so I have created a Part 1 and a Part 2. Hopefully this will work this time! I apologize for not figuring this out with the original posting.

As Promised, Part 2

Above: Mailing Envelope

Above: Postcards

Above: Greeting Card

Above: Composition Book with Tabs

Above: File Folder


Fabric Stashing

I don't usually plug people's stores, but if you're fabric stasher like me, here ya go. I get nothing for providing these links. They have no idea I am passing them along.
1. Anyone still looking for the perfect pattern fabric that I was selling back in the summer? Scroll down the page. Kelly provided a link which had another link, and when I entered one of my favorite fabric designers, well...I'm sorry, actually no, I'm not!
2. I came across this site for the day after Christmas and was amazed at all they had to offer, fabric and other supplies mixed media artists need. A lot of their fabric is regularly 10-15% off regular retail prices, there's free shipping on $35 or more., and after the page comes up, there are coupon codes for discounts up to an additional 25%, good for about a week. I found fabrics that look like lined paper, graph paper, safety pins, typing, sewing machines, buses, coffee cups and crazy ridiculous other stuff too unbelievable to pass up. I'll be curious to know if you love this place as much as I do. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Scrappy Paper Quilting Class Scheduled

I have scheduled my Scrappy Paper Quilting Class at Frenzy Stamper. See details about the class in the left margin of this blog. I can't wait! Update: The samples for the projects we will be making are at the store, and photos to give you an idea of what we will be doing are in the posting above titled" As Promised.
I will be bringing additional projects to share and sell the day of the class. I hope to see YOU there.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I'll be teaching at Art Unraveled again this year! My class will be the Double Double that I have tried out locally with great on the links, and get more info. on this blog in the sidebar.
Also, I will be teaching classes on my newest feature article in Sew Somerset with my quilted paper projects. Update: In case you haven't seen the article yet, photos of the projects and more are above in the posting titled: As Promised. I just got my samples back from Stampington that were used for the photographs for the magazine, so I am excited to start the classes for them!