Saturday, June 15, 2013

Thrift Shop Makeover

Lest any of my fellow journal addicts think I have fallen so deeply into zentangles that I forgot all about my journaling, that would be a big NO WAY! Not shouting, just sayin'. Here are just a few pictures from my latest 80+ page journal I call Thrift Shop Makeover. This is all it is getting until I actually start dating and adding journal entries; writing, doing more drawings, and gluing in all that important evidence. One challenge I have had with journals is wanting to get them made and bound and then later wishing I could take the pages out to manipulate them or sew things on, since thread is my favorite "glue." And sometimes when I prepare pages with a little whatnot, they don't always seem to be just the page I need when that is the page that comes next in a bound journal. Looseleaf takes away both of those problems, since the librarian side of me wants my pages dated in order, and the artist side wants to sew on them or take them out to make them easier to draw on.
Ok, enough of all that rambling. Thrift Shop Makeover is full of lots of things I found at thrift shops and thought would look good in a journal, including a lot of the paper, some of which is  recycled pages from books I took apart, just for images and such.

I will be teaching a class on this soon. Here are the details:
Thrift Shop Makeover at Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale, AZ  You can contact me, or call the store to register.     480.946.0007    Sat. Aug. 17, 2013 9:30- 4:30 with lunch break 
The sample is scheduled to be at the store by Tuesday afternoon, June 18.
Student Supply List - Required:
• scissors for paper
• favorite glue or adhesive
• 2 or more pens that write on top of paint, such as Sharpie paint markers, in favorite colors
• ruler
• pencil
• 1 sponge brush about 1” AND 1 bristle brush, about 1/2” flat OR round about size 6
•water container
• 1 or more juicy stamp pads, your color choices

Student Supply List - OPTIONAL:
• sewing machine ONLY if you want to sew some pages instead of gluing them all
(You may rent a machine for $5. for the day, if you do so when you sign up.)
• thread if you will be sewing, any colors
• a few favorite rubber stamps or just use Jane’s
• personal paper cutter or metal edge ruler to tear paper if you don’t want to wait to share
• hole punch, standard size, if you don’t want to wait to share
• corner rounder if you prefer rounded corners on pages or tags and don’t want to wait to share
• apron
• marker(s) or pens of your choice if you want to draw, doodle, or tangle in your book in class- The focus will not be on Zentangle, but IF there is time, I can show you a few tangle patterns.

Items Included in the $60. Class Fee:
• step by step in person instruction on how to do the pages and cover
• thrift shop binder - These will be different sizes and colors with different features (pockets, pencil tabs, zippers, etc. but all will be loose leaf and smaller than standard notebook size, some new and some are not, but all in good shape! ) The one in the photo is about 8x9 inches.
• gesso, if needed for your binder you select from the options provided
• acrylic paint
• stencils and print making tools for paint
• file folders and paper in a plethora of varieties (graphics, graph, ledger, computer, primary, scrapbook, etc.) 40 pieces which will make 80 or more pages and spice up some of the other pages
• transparent page
• mini ATC holder pages
• envelopes
• tabs, tags, pockets, folders, etc. from the thrift shop and Jane's stash
• rub-ons
• tape
• clips
• ALL OTHER items necessary to complete your masterpiece  - Who knows? I may come across more good finds before then!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tangled Rocks

So, I got together with a group and we tried out some tangling on soe AZ river rocks that I prepped just for the occasion. Here is our result. I am pretty happy with how they all turned out! I guess if I wanted to be a little corny, I could say, " Nikol, Nancy, Fran, Linda, and Jean, you ROCK!