Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How To Make a Simple Book to Hold Standard Size Zentangle® Tiles and ATCs

This post was created for my facebook group: Zentangle: Tangled & Journaled, Too! If you are not already a member, come join the fun!

1. For standard size (3.5 in square) tiles, cut 6 pieces of paper that are 9 X 4.5 inches. For ATC size (2.5 X 3.5 in size), cut 6 pieces of paper that are 7 x 4.5 inches.
One will be for the cover and the other 5 will be for pages. Use whatever weight of paper, color, pattern, etc. you wish. If you plan to write directly onto your pages, you probably want to use paper thick enough so that whatever pen you are using will not bleed through. You don’t have to have all the same paper for all the pages and cover. ATC size is shown in the photo.

2. Fold each piece of paper in half so each side of the standard size is 4.5” X 4.5, “ and each ATC size half pipe is 4.5” X 3.5.” ATC size is shown in the photo.

 3. Stack all the pages atop one another, lining up the creases. ATC size is shown in the photo.

4. Using a pencil, mark a tiny dot in the center of the crease of the page on top of the pile and then one more dot about 1 inch over from the center dot on each side of the center dot. These will be where the stitching takes place. I have marked the dots as A, B, and C to help explain but you should NOT write these letters on your pages. ATC size is shown in the photo.
 5. Poke a hole through all pages at once using a sharp object such as a paper piercer, bookbinding awl, or sharp needle. ATC size is shown in the photo.
 6. Thread a needle with heavy cord or thread such as waxed linen thread or waxed polyester. You can wax string or embroidery floss by running it over the end of a candle. The wax gives it strength and will keep your book together longer before the thread wears out. If you have no access to this, use something else strong. Do NOT knot the thread on the end. Starting on the inside center page, put your needle down through hole B and pull it through leaving a long enough tail to be used to tie a knot LATER. Bring the needle and thread up from the cover side into hole A, then back down through B, and up from the cover side through C, pulling these stitches tight each time.

7. Tie together the two loose ends into a tight secure knot after making sure all stitches are tight. Cut off loose ends. leaving a small length of thread past the knot, to help keep stitches from coming undone. A tiny little dot of glue may be applied to the knot if you are patient enough to let it dry thoroughly before closing your book. ATC size shown in the photo.
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