Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hand Painted Fabric Fun!

In the about 12 years that it has been since I posted last, I haven't really just been sitting and watching TV. I have actually been busy on lots of projects. I just haven't gotten around to blogging about them. So since I have a week off to mess around without the usual worries and busy-ness of the work week, I got a few pictures taken today. These are fabric painted by me. Some began life as plain white fabric. The ones with Barbie pink peeking through began plain pink and the blue ones began life as someone's Hawaii type shirt in blues. None of them were anything I would use alone, so I went to work on them. I have decided that when I find a decent piece of cloth that has colors I find unappealing either for my own stash or my "go to class bins" that I am not throwing it out. I am gonna slap some paint on them, and these are some samples. Some just have different types of paints, and some also have paint pen, gel pen and marker doodles, drawing, and graffiti on them.