Friday, March 26, 2010

Stencils Idea 6 with stitching and fabric

This is the inside of the front cover of the journal I have been writing about all week. The bright pink and green are like the lining fabric for the inside of the front cover. Since every good journal needs some great pens, of course a pen pocket comes in real handy. Pen pocket. Pens in journal. Good to go, right? Certainly you could use your stencil pocket for something else, too: images, tape runner, stickers, heart's desire. I think you see where we're headed. : ) Anyway, before I get entirely carried away, after picking out an Abigail stencil in just the size I needed, all I had to do was stamp letters on it with permanent ink and sew it down around the bottom and sides. Done. I only used one row of stitching, but more like I used in other stencil projects earlier this week would be fab, too. And, if you feel like sewing a little ribbon across the top, sticking down some decorative tape, what have you, that's all good.
If you would like to buy any of these stencils, you can get them in my daughter Jeane's etsy shop.

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  1. Hi Jane, cool stuff, you know I love a good pocket.