Friday, October 29, 2010

Just a Few Spots Left

OK, Kids! This is the last call. I will be teaching my Double Double book next Saturday at Frenzy Stamper. 3 spines, 4 signatures, like 2 books in one. Load of easy fun making it. More details are available on the side bar of this blog, in the store, and via the link provided. The last I knew, there were only 5 spots still available, and I have been contacted via email about 3 of those 5 in the last two weeks, so they may be gone as well by the time this is being read, leaving just 2 remaining spots. This will be the last time this class is offered this year, at least. If you want to take it, be sure to call Debbie at 480-946-0007 before it is too late! : ) This has been one of my most popular classes ever, partially because all it requires is the ability to sew an almost straight line, and nearly all the supplies are included in the cost, and participants get  personalized labels with their own names on them to sew in the book. If you do not have a sewing machine of your own, I can bring one for you, as long as you tell Debbie when you register. This has always been an exciting class. If you have any questions about it, please email me at

Saturday, October 23, 2010

It Was a Grand Time

Today was the 31 Layers of Scary Fun class at Frenzy Stamper. I know it is a little corny to admit, but I was honestly so excited for this class, that I couldn't even sleep well last night. It was like waking up every few hours on Christmas Eve "back in the day." Anyway, the class exceeded my expectations, in so many ways. Everyone's books turned out so Halloween freaking cool. They all had license to make it "their own" and they did, even though they were working out of nearly identical kits I put together. Amongst our group was an uber-talented third grader that not only behaved like an adult, she kept up with the adults on the art making, too, EVEN ON THE SEWING MACHINE. Seriously. We got all our painting done, took a lunch break, went back to our creating, took a little break for ice cream and fresh cotton candy, and came back to play some more. It was almost like being a kid again, and reminded me why I love to do these classes so much. My kind of day!
I didn't take my camera, but I think Debbie took at least one picture of us happily playing the day away which she might put up on her blog later, like when the store reopens on Tuesday.
I have 7 kits left over. I was asked to list these somehow for sale, in case anyone wants to buy one to make what they will/want with them. Obviously, I won't be there to provide all the how to's or what to's like I did and demoed in class, but all the 31 pages (including: scrapbook papers, Braille paper, canvas, handsewn quilted papers, screen, lace, canvas pages, textured paper, etc.) and covers (Hambly transparency and Scrabble board), are precut, and there are binding rings, fabric pocket materials, embellishments (including various stickers, ribbons, rick rack, metal twisties, bottle caps, metal washers, brads, tickets, cardstock images and collage pix, Scrabble letters for Halloween words, filmstrip transparency, halloween brads, window screen and rusted fabric tabs), more ribbons and decor, fabric and net pockets, Halloween tarot cards with fortunes and a whole lot of happiness in each decorated trick or treat bag plain fun stuff that you can combine with your own Halloween photos, recipes, memories, evidence, spells, journaling and what have you to make your own fabulous book. It took a lot of time to put this all together, and I would rather get the kits to good homes than allow them to sit around for another year. The price of the class was $45., but I will sell these do it yourself kits for $25. which INCLUDES the price of first class shipping in the US. You can get a good idea of what the books we made look like in the post below. If you are interested, just contact me at Please be sure to put "class kit" in the subject line. After you get your kit, if you have a questions about what any of the parts may have been used for, you can email again and ask away.
Update 11-26:  4 have been sold, and 3 remain up for grabs. Thanks for all the positive feedback on the class and the kits.
Special thanks to Debbie, and all the participants. If any of you put your books on your blog or somewhere public where we can see them, please leave a link in the comment section for us to see! It was a great Saturday!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Class update

There are about 6 spaces left in the 31 layers class I blogged about in my last post. Frenzy Stamper will be closed for a week, so you can't sign up by calling there or going in, but you can email me @ or by signing up through the Frenzy website This will be an easy and fun class, so don't miss out!