Saturday, May 1, 2010

Double Double Class

I was reminded today why I like to do art sewing classes. (Like I ever forgot, right?) Today was one of the best classes EVER, with a packed house at Frenzy Stamper, extension cords and fabric-ribbons-lace-paper everywhere. Thanks to everyone who came and played. It was really quiet, even with 14 machines plugged in, and people just smiled and did their thing. A few machines acted up, but they were no hill for this sewing machine whisperer. There's nothing quite like the face of an owner of a sewing machine when she sees her little beast of machine back on good behavior. Better than giving a kid candy! Debbie was up sewing by the cash register, too. Sorry, there are no pictures here. Debbie has some on her blog.I will be buying a new camera soon, and the pix will be back. The journals everyone made were so amazing all the way from one person who doesn't have sewing on the top of her fun list but came with her mom to be a sweetheart for Mother's Day (well maybe she does now) to the people with more buttons on their sewing machines than I would know what to do with. There were masterpieces put together today.

If anyone who missed out still wants to play, this class will be repeated on June 12. See Debbie's site for more details. You can sign up at the store, or by letting me know.