Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stencils Idea 4 with stitching and fabric

This is probably my favorite of all. I started with a Luca stencil and put little dash lines around the edges with a permanent marker. Then I laid the stencil on my fabric page. The fabric page had already been spritzed with liquid watercolor and heat dried, so it was ready to go. After placing the stencil on the fabric, I simply stitched straight lines across it, leaving the loose ends dangling. The lines are now ready to be written on. I didn't do that before the photo because I wanted you to be able to see the detail. The cool part about the lines is that they show through on the other side where they can be written on again. I simply stamped around them with permanent ink, and the page looks very different. My last step was rubbing on some leftover rubons for a little extra embellishment. Although I used a very large stencil, the same effect, of course could be achieved with any size in any place you want a little writing. If you would like to buy any of these stencils, you can get them in my daughter Jeane's etsy shop.

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  1. I am loving your series on working with stencils and fabric. And as always your work is wonderful.