Saturday, July 4, 2009

Backin' Up the Truck to LA

So, I've been out of school about a month, that's half of my vacation for anyone that cares. Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday and sometimes it feels like a million years ago. At either rate, I have no where begun to get done what I had fantasized about doing other than shopping and getting out of town. I need to spend more time in the studio doing things rather than organizing, reorganizing, hiding (also known as putting away to clear space to work and then forgetting what was purchased) and making sketches and plans. Come to think of it, making the sketches may be one of the most productive things I have ever done. I need to make a book for them and get them all together organized, but let's get back to LA, back the truck up so to speak. Jeane and I went there to take a Kelly Kilmer class, and she drove us around to a gazillion stores and hung out with us in our "swanky" hotel one night when we turned the kitchenette into a studio. These are a few photos of those days including a small (really) snippet of the bakery and the view from the balcony. I'm still not sure whether I love the hotel or hate it. At least we didn't break anything and no one got hurt, so I guess you could say it is all good.

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