Sunday, July 5, 2009

BAd KItTiEs!

There is just something ab0ut a bad to the bone cat that you gotta love. Last week, Jeane put a skull cling on her sewing machine. Then Buffy decided she wanted one. Jeane and I went to the store and looked at the massive collection of clings I didn't even know existed, and one thing led to another (We got Buffy a very cool monkey; haven't you always wanted a monkey? hehe), so now I have clings on my machine. Not really understanding how they work, one of my cats lost two eyeballs in the process (the cling cat, I don't have a real one), but I improvised after a lot of pain and suffering about it and drew new ones on there. It took some real effort on my part not to go spend another $4. just to get the eyes again. At any rate, my machine has now been tagged or something like that, not quite sure how many clings it takes to officially call it tagged. Jeane?


  1. I love this idea! I must put one on my machine too! I can't believe that she's lived with me all of these years, and I've never "embellished" her.

  2. Love it! You can now officially consider your machine tagged!