Saturday, July 4, 2009

Call Me a Cheeseball.

1. I don't care.
2. Yes, yes this is my third post of the day. There are no rules here, and I strike when the iron is hot.
3. These are my new toys from PROJECT RUNWAY.
4. Refer to title and #1, please, if necessary.

On the chance that you are wondering why these are such a big deal, well here it is, well only part of it. I don't want to make you cry. hehehe When I was a kid, my sewing machine was the bomb. I made all my own clothes for a long time. I had to have 20 credits to graduate from high school. I took extra classes in clothing design and power sewing at the magnet school in our district so I had 21.5, but 10 were in Home Ec. Kids probably can't get away with that now, but back in the day, it worked for me. I wanted to be a Home Ec major in college and grow up to be Martha Stewartish, but some moron told me not to because jobs would be too scarce, and sadly, I listened and gave up on a dream. I made my kids clothes, dolls and other fun stuff, and the list goes on. Then I met rubber stamps. Fabric took a back seat. I used the machine mostly for mending. I made cards, then journals, then a million cigar box purses. Then I got Cancer. That sits you on your behind for a while and resting and watching TV took over my free time. I think my studio must have been dark for at least a year or two. Then Project Runway came on that TV. It got me off the couch and my heart started singing again. My studio is a happy place again, and I am listening to my heart. I don't really need the Project Runway gear, but it's like a tip of the hat, a thank you for helping me find myself again. Aren't those cute litte button pins adorable?


  1. didya see this?

  2. I was looking for some people to participate in a DOLL clothing version of PR this year... interested? My plan is to make a doll outfit based on the challenge each week. I wanted to be a fashion designer too, until I spent years working for Nordtrom ;)

  3. Hey cheeseball, I didn't know you got the pins too! We should have had a show. I love those pins! (You told us to call you cheeseball. :)

  4. RE: your comment on my blog

    I have american girl dolls... so I was going with that size. Not sure who else would be into it and not sure if I could do it everyweek. But I will post it as a challenge on my site and send the link around and see what happens!

    Funny that we are both gemini, teachers, fabric artists and athletes... I am only an Aunt, though not a grandma.