Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ten Things I Love

I am a follower of Ro Bruhn's blog. She received the Watermelon Award for her blog and she has passed it on to anyone who would like to play along. In order to play, you list 10 things you love. I figured that would be easy enough to do since everything I have been working on lately cannot be posted yet. I am working on ideas I have stored up in my new design book. The metal one had to be sidelined because it just wasn't workable not being looseleaf. I am working on submissions for classes and magazines, and I can't let the cat out of the bag, so I have notheing else to post. I got a thank you post card for my latest submission to a magazine. I guess that is far better than a rejection letter or getting what I sent in back already. Please play along. If you want you can leave a comment, so we will know where to go see your list. And if you want, you can pass it along again. Psst... YOU're it!

10 Things I Love (in no particular order)
1. Being Nona (what the Special K's call me), the mommiest (Buff's name for me), and MH (Jeane's name for me)
2. Not being in a stereotypical relationship as a mother-in-law (Jim and Seth are the best!)
3. friends and other family
4. crushed ice
5. angel food cake
6. gerber daisies
7. thank yous and other warm/encouraging words
8. my studio
9. the hum of my sewing machine
10. good health

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