Monday, June 28, 2010

Thanks, Girls!!!

I just wanted to say a public thank you to the "students" in my in-studio class yesterday! You were all so amazing, and I loved every one of the journals you made. I would love to see them again after they are full of whatever you put on the pages. You made a "summer cold" day so much fun!
If anyone is interested, you can see Jeane's finished book here. Yes, she's my firstborn, but I would think she was amazing, even if yesterday was the first time she was ever in my class.
I'm sorry I don't have pictures of everyone's work who took the Double Double class. It is just so interesting to see all the different combinations people come up with using the same directions and boxes of supplies. You just make me smile! Thanks, Girls!

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  1. Jeane's book is great. I wish she could have attended my class, but it's fun to see what she made. I am working on my fourth tonight. It will be finished tomorrow-such a blast to make. And what an amazing gift!