Saturday, June 5, 2010

One Week 'til Class

Lest anyone think I fell in a hole, it was only a proverbial one. The last six weeks have been crazy, to put it nicely, with what seems like a hundred extra things on my mind, sometimes to the point that I couldn't even think straight, remember important stuff and wah, wah, wah. I don't need any sympathy. I'm just esplainin' my mental and physical absence on several fronts, including this blog. Uninvited guests removed items from my home and car, including my cell phone with all my numbers, and my camera with the memory card which had all my art photos. I have a new one of each and I am getting my numbers back in the phone but still haven't gotten my computer married to my camera yet, so be patient 'til things are back to my version of normal. I hope to have that done in a week.
School is now officially out for the summer, but not for the staff, so there will be more work than play for me this summer before the kiddos come back in August. Again, no complaining, just sayin...
Anyway, to the title, Friends. Next Saturday, June 12, is the Double Double Round 2. If anyone is hanging out and wants to stop in, we would love to have you come play with us. Last time, it sold out, so this is for everyone who wished they could before or just found out. Register online for class at Frenzy Stamper or by calling the store 480-946.0007. More details in the sidebar, too. If you don't own a sewing machine, let me know, and we can work something out.


  1. Really sorry to hear about all the bad things that have happened to you recently. I wish I could come up to Phoenix to take your class but just not possible these days. Here's hoping you have a great summer.

  2. SO happy to see you again :)

  3. SOOOOOO sorry to read about your loss of phone and camera, and surely other things you didn't detail. I would LOVE to take next Saturday's class (I saw Kitty's project a while back and it's WONDERFUL), but I'll be out of town. I'll catch up with you one of these days. I hope you have time for lots of art this summer. xox Lorie