Friday, June 11, 2010

Call Me Lucky! Wanna Come to my Party?

I am one of the luckiest moms around. As a birthday present, my daughter Jeane bought me my art daughter Kelly's new online class called Memories and Reflections which has a boatload of cool ideas, prompts, and all things amazing including how to make not one, but two amazing books. Now that's my idea of a party that's gonna last a long time. Above is a sneak peak. I hope Kelly doesn't mind me showing you. I don't think she will 'cause now you know how to get in on the party, too! We could have virtual cupcakes and all kinds of fun. Right?
Now, see those little round numbers? I have no idea where Kelly got hers, but lookee here what I found the other day cruising through etsy doing some online therapy! I don't know the seller, just that she has a TON of stinkin' amazing stuff, the prices are great and the shipping extremely reasonable, especially when you buy additional items. I got my items super fast.
So thanks, Jeane and Kelly! You girls are the bestestest.
P.S. Jeane says don't be goin' there and getting ALL the good stuff before she gets a chance. Save some for her. K?
Update: See the second post of this day for a discount at the website of the person who owns the shop mentioned in the lookee here part above. Note: See the post above for a discount from this seller, good through June 30th.


  1. You two crack me up... J and J. Is it Monday yet?!?!?!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JANE!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. i am taking your class tomorrow in scottsdale - i'm so excited!!! i love your daughter kelly's art - i must take one of her classes soon.
    happy early birthday. :-)

  3. I think this is just the best present ever Jeane could get you. Kelly's classes are wonderful, both in person and online as I have done both. I hope you have a great day celebrating. You so deserve it.

  4. Enjoy your birthday weekend. Happy birthday!