Sunday, June 20, 2010


I had a bunch of partly finished journals, ones that only had covers and no pages, ones that needed labels, ones that I started in classes and only did part way with fabric to use for demos, and one that is part of a new big idea I have. Today, I just got to where I had to drop everything and get them all done. I need things for my Art Unraveled Artist's Table on Shopping Extravaganza Day, so on this Sunday with no other obligations, I set off to finish as many as I could, and I made some serious headway. Above are the newest batch, all of which will be for sale in August. Afterward, I will likely list any leftovers in my etsy shop. If feels good to be done with them. I have created an insanely long to do list for myself in the studio. So for this little job: Check!


  1. Great to check something off your list and have some completed projects. These look like lots of fun. Happy sales...

  2. I'll be shocked if you have any let to sell in your etsy shop. THESE ARE FABULOUS! I've seen your journals in person (heck, I own one) and I LOVE THEM!!!! :)

  3. Jane these journals are beautiful - I can see a lot of time has gone into them. And like Kelly said, I'd be surprised if you had any left to sell on Etsy. Have fun at AU.