Friday, June 11, 2010

The Party Continues til June 30!

I have a confession. I usually like my birthday to last 3 days (long funny story), but this year, we're gonna celebrate 'til the 30th.
Melissa, the seller of the tags I mentioned in the previous blog, loves US all so much she is offering 10% off on orders from her website through June 30th. She saw my blog post and wrote to tell me she has even more coolio stuff there than in her etsy shop. What??? Guess who's doing more retail therapy tonight.
Be sure to use the coupon code below, Double check that you spell it like she has it here since it is a tad different than the spelling of my name.
Code: janeelieen10
I don't even know her, and she is joining our party! What's not to love about a girl like this? Here is her website. Thanks, Melissa
Now, back to the cupcakes!

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  1. I hope you have a very Happy Birthday!!!!!