Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kelly Loves Pink (and orange).

I thought I had everything I needed and was headed for the cutting table. (story of my life) That's when the screaming started. I turned around not only to see the fabric of the day for me in blues and greens, but one in pinks and oranges saying, "Kelly, Kelly, Kelly!" The question was not whether to buy it or not, but how much. I got all that was left on the bolt. It has now become Kelly's purse. Kelly likes big purses with long handles, and hopefully these are long enough. I put in pockets so she can carry pens and brushes or sunglasses or whatever she wants and made it big enough for her to carry books in. Kelly loves books, too. The fabric still screams, "Kelly!" It wants to go to CA in a big way.
Soon, fabric, soon. Catch some sleep. S0mething tells me you're gonna be busy when you get your job in Hollywood.


  1. I love when something art related screams Kelly. You're the best :)

  2. what a beautiful bag. let me know if you ever make those to sell - i would love one!

  3. You make me laugh !!! I am sure fabric and you will hit the big time !