Monday, May 27, 2013

Diva #118 and Bright Owl # 59

It's a great thing that I love my Zentangle job, so to speak, because I have been knee deep in it for 2 straight days and will probably be doing the same today. Getting ready for classes is a lot of work and if you love your job, that means a lot of fun as well. I have been working on and off on a few classes for later this summer, and with three days with no other plans, I knew this would be a good time to make a serious dent in what is still on the TO DO list.

Here is the before and after of this week's dare, #59 with The Bright Owl. The center of this zendala has both Auraknot and Hollibaugh. Other patterns are Springkle, Cruffle, and Fescu. A little linework finished it off.

Here at the bottom is not this week's challenge, rather Diva's challenge, # 118, but better late than never, here it is. I can't say what I did here would ever be filed in the "my best work" folder. but it never was a contest, so I guess I am good, so to speak. On challenge 118, we were supposed to use Kukes, and this is what I came up with, using a stencil I had to create the string. I carry around a wallet of tiles that I have prestrung with my stencils, and this just happened to be one I was carrying when I had a break at work the week I started it.


  1. Love your zendala. Beautiful choice of tangles and wonderful shading.

  2. love it, the Bright owl one is beautiful

  3. love the Bright owl zendala so pretty

  4. Your wheel, with Holibaugh in the dark centre is beautiful.

  5. Your Zendala is really pretty and I find it very relaxing to look at. Love all of your patterns and your Hollibaugh center. Very nice!

    Be creative and be happy!
    Jacque Solomon

  6. Nice blend of lines and negative space. Like the Hollibaugh effect in the center.