Monday, May 6, 2013

Zendala Dare 56

I start a lot of challenges, but I don't always get them posted. Last night I finished my "work" for Zendala Dare #56, a weekly zendala challenge from Erin, aka The Bright Owl. The top image is the blank version we were given, and what I did with it is at the bottom. There was a twist this time; we were challenged to use only pencil. I chose a mechanical pencil thinking it would be bettern than a standard pencil that would probably leave a broader stroke as I worked,and even though the tip did get a bit wider at the tip as I worked, I don't think it was too much.. The best part of the challenge was how easy it was to do shading since it was all built in. If I had it all to do over again, there is section I wish I would have chosen a different tangle for, even though I really like the tangle in general. I might just try this challenge again.


  1. Wow! This turned out beautifully. Great idea about using a mechanical pencil, more control, stays sharp, and less smudging, so you get to do the blending! Lovely, and thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful linework, I love this zendala.

  3. Nice line work. I thought about using a mechanical pencil and then decided not to. I just had to keep sharpening my pencil. Like your Paradox and Chard.