Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Sneak Peek - New Items for Etsy

flower sold
Little Hoot - sold
Little Birdie - sold

Later today, I will have several new things for sale in my etsy shop. Most are part of the rescued papers series which means they have all kinds of different papers inside to make them fun.The ones I put in before are nearly all gone.
I will also be putting up two of my journals that I posted before, the dress journal and the baby journal with the flowers beside it.
It takes a while to get them all written up. I wish I had a secretary who loved posting things for me while I just sat at the sewing machine. Wouldn't that be grand?


  1. The hardest part of etsy is doing the WORK to get it on there. lol!! I know ;) the feeling.

    LOVE your books!! LOVE!