Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Peek Inside Studio 23

As I mentioned previously, I have been doing some moving around in the studio. I wanted to have the fabric related items I used in my mixed media work in the same room as the rest of my mixed media stuff. Here is most of the newly redone part that took a week of my spare time. Now I have a new fabric and fiber wall to go with my paper wall, a jewelry table and misc. stuff supply wall, a stamp wall, and a bookbinding wall. I know that is five walls, but that is how the room was built. When I bought it, the floorplan indicated that it was supposed to be an additional living room in the upstairs, but this is my idea of living, so I did what had to be done.
The top photo shows the fabric I have designated for mixed media. The green pull out boxes have fabric stuff, too, but it is either things such as net, old doilies, and lace that don't stack well and look good that way, or scraps that are too small to fold neatly. It also shows my little thread collection that has been rearranged since the photo for my blog header was taken.
The bottom picture is of my ribbon and tape that I sew with. I mounted five curtain rods on the wall and hung it on there. Rewrapping all of that from the cards I had it on in shoeboxes is what took FOREVER.

Maybe I should have started this by saying, My name is Jane Eileen, and I am a ribbonaholic, or something like that, but that sounds too much like an apology, and I am not sorry about it. Warning for Jeane: This is what happens when you see a little sewing box and think it would be fun to have a new hobby or add a little dimension to your work. I'm not saying don't do it. I just want you to know what you could be getting yourself into.


  1. Can I be you???

    I LOVE your studio. LOVE. Wiping the drool off. YUMMY.

  2. Wait-I see TAPE there too!!!

    Uh huh. I knew it. ;)

  3. OMG!!! I can't stand it! I need tape rods!

  4. This came out great! Totally jealous!!!

  5. Love your studio, love the happy color. Beautiful and.........
    Congratulations, thrilled about your incredible accomplishment! I cannot wait to pick up a copy
    of the new magazine!
    Thanks for all you do..