Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stronger Every Day

It's a funny thing, the kid and me. When people meet my four-year-old granddaughter and me, the most common response is, "You two look just alike." The funny thing is that I am discovering we think a LOT alike as well. Before she was even a year old, I had her in a fabric store, and she reached out to touch bolts of fabric as we went by. When I stopped and allowed her to do so, she smiled and giggled. She didn't do this in the other aisles of the same store. Hmmm. She loves being in the studio and talks about making clothes and what goes with what. Yes, really. She knows just what I like and what I can tolerate. She knows the difference between when my checking into something is what she calls "an emergency" and when what lies before us is just not worth noting.
Yesterday, when she was sleeping, I was looking for a good online tutorial for something. Now, there are A)some darn good tutorials out there, and B)some exceptions to that, disappointing for a variety of reasons. Once in a while, you just get what you pay for when somethin's free. Anyway, when she awoke from her little nap, she came in and took a seat near me, to the right and sort of behind me, where she couldn't see my face. She watched in silence. It was one of those category B tutorials, no doubt. I was wondering what she was thinking being so quiet, but said nothing. At the close of the video, she broke the silence with, "Nona, does that just make you want to cry?" If that hadn't been so funny, I may have, but you gotta love a kid when you know that your bond gets stronger every day.

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