Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just Get Your Scissors

If you have known me very long, you know how I love what Jeane and I call junque journals. We have made them for about 10 years, and I just can't get enough of them. When we first started, they were papers inside and paper covered covers. Today I made one similar to the bird books I did last year, in that a slipcover is made to fit an existing piece, in this case a 2 ring binder. The cover is a collaged piece of canvas, and the insides are a combination of paper pages which is the old part, but this time I put in pages made of lace and fabrics, too. I am going to be teaching this class at Frenzy Stamper at the end of February. I drove it over there just before the store closed tonight. We decided to call it Just Get Your Scissors because that is all the participants will have to bring. I am taking in everything else everyone will need, including the sewing machines. If participants want to bring in a machine, some special embellishments (like the Girl Scout wings on mine) or whatever, they may, but it is not required. The sewing part doesn't take the whole time, so I figure we can share. The three sewing machines I had sitting around that were previously thought of as in need of a repair shop were all fixed by me finally this week. It is amazing how taking one apart , dusting it out, wiggling things around, getting the correct size bobbin and putting it all back together can fix things. Anyway, above are some pictures of my journal. Everyone's cover and pages will be different even though they will all get a kit of papers and fabrics, because when they dig through the extra fabrics and embellishments and pick out unique items, every one will be different. Debbie will also have pictures on her website, soon.


  1. Why don't you live closer? LOVE the book!

  2. Beautiful stuff you have! Usually the photos, so attractive!

  3. I am such a fan of your art and YOU! I LOVE everything that you do.