Monday, January 18, 2010

Half Way There

I started working on my covers for the Art Unraveled chunky book for 2009 today. I used all my fabric I painted in Traci Bautista's class. I love that she makes crazy stitches, which most people know I give bonus point for. The front of the front cover is about half way done, so this is only a partial reveal. I plan to sew on the focal point next and then get the details that go on the back of the front cover and the back covers done. I might have to cheat a bit and use papers I painted some of the other years in her classes, but as long as I use the ones that are like the ones I did last year, I think that is a fair representation. I am excited to finish them, but I am also enjoying making these pages so much, I will be a little sad when they are done. I just might carry this idea over to the next swap which is little rolodex card size quilts.
After these are done, I only have the rolodex swap commitment to finish, and I have 3 weeks to do that one. But I want to reprioritize my time. I want to journal more, get back to making myself some clothes and play around with my supplies more. I want to reorganize part of my studio. (That started last night. I swapped my jewelry station with my journal station. The journal station is in full swing. The jewelry station is in piles that need to be dealt with.) After two years of intense swapping and a year of pushing myself to get published, even though everything except one of my submissions, which I am still waiting to hear about has been published, I have decided to spend more time creating things for my loved ones and me. Things we will use like more doll clothes for the K's when they come to play and doing art just for the fun of it, and without so many deadlines.
I have two classes coming up at Frenzy Stamper and Art Unraveled, my etsy shop, and my table to sell things from at Art Unraveled. I think that ought to keep me busy enough for a while.


  1. Love seeing all these pieces and stitches!

  2. You're not having fun, are you? ;)

  3. congrats on getting published (thats one of my dreams!)..but you need to start creating for yourself I think and not making it such a all this fabric with the mad stitches

  4. Ahhhh, dreamy. Now go make some art just for the heck of it!