Sunday, April 12, 2009

ReSCueD PaPeRS - little books of recycled happiness

G46 Scrappy Chic - sold

Purple Posie -sold

Red. Gold, Green posie - sold

Canvas Birdie -sold

Black and White Scrappy - Sold

So after seeing other books with mixed up papers and having made LOTS of what I called junque journals in the past, I decided to continue that idea with a twist. I saved up all sorts of paper that may have otherwise be sitting in the local landfill. Leftover pieces of scrapbook paper, graph paper, maps, old computer paper-the kind with holes lining the sides, ledger paper, note paper, cardstock, old maps and crossword puzzles, grade books, planners, etc., but all of it clean and unwritten on by the human hand. I cut them all to size and reassembled them into note pad size books about 4.25" X 6" of approximatley 100 sheets, added one of my little sewing art pieces to the cover and a heavy duty tarot card to the back, and then I bound it with a wire coil. Wah-lah, and I am almost aftraid to say, I don't know how I will part with them, but etsy calls, and people are telling me I must, so a tiny new adventure begins. I will be selling these babies in my etsy site. And then I will be off looking for more funky papers to feed the next batch.


  1. HI Jane, these are great! Another fabric/paper junkie I see! I can't get enough. I will save you a trade for artfiberfest, for sure.

  2. Very cool stuff! Anything creative and recycled is a great idea. Hope your shop does well!