Saturday, April 11, 2009

Graffiti Chic - Finals!

As you may know, I have been taking a class from Alisa Burke for the last 5 weeks called Graffiti Chic. Recently, she welcomed us to share with her what we did with our painted canvases. Here is what I have done so far that I can share. (One project is a top secret operation that may never hit this blog since it was one of those things that went straight out the door about 5 minutes after I finished it.) First, there are some different shots of a journal I made using funky papers sewn in, and a leftover transparency from another project along with some fabric letters that I sewed down. Then there is a tote bag. Actually this tote bag was an advertiser's totebag in its previous life. The kind teachers usually take straight to the "donate to charity" pile because we always seem to have too many. I deconstructed it, painted over it, added some permanent markers, sewed on some new and funkier handles (Those royal blue ones REALLY had to go.), and sewed it back together. I still have three big pieces of canvas from the class, but I haven't gotten around to giving them their new life yet. I really enjoyed the class, and feel now like I have finished my "final exam."


  1. I love your journal and bag they are fantastic. Thanks for your lovely comments and you are in the draw too.