Saturday, January 31, 2009

Published Again!

I've been published before, but this time, I couldn't be more excited. If some terrible tragedy occurred, and I could only have one magazine, hands down it would be Sew Somerset. That little slice of heaven makes my heart sing like no other. I actually left my house after 9 pm, on a weeknight with work the next day, a few weeks ago when a friend emailed me to tell me the latest edition was on the newsstands. I, of course, called the nearest Barnes & Noble to be sure they had my personal copy still there and that no one had beaten me to it. Sure enough, they did, and the goddess of art theft prevention on the other end of the phone promised to put a hold on it until I could get there to bring it home. She even offered to hold it a few days. I thanked her kindly but explained that even 30 minutes longer was not even an option. I was lucky I didn't get a speeding ticket on the way.
Now, I am happier than I can say to report that I got an email today telling me that Sew Somerset wants to do a feature article on my Scrappy Journal I submitted! I have to do some writing. I only sent in 200 words with my submission, and they are looking at about 800, but I will be honored to do it. And I'm feeling a whole lot better about missing out on those workshops I wanted to go to to learn more about making fabric journals. Apparently, I knew a little something on my own about putting some fabric, thread, and some other fun stuff together to make it funky, and not making it in to those classes forced me to further develop a style of my own which paid off.
I owe part of my creative thoughts to my fabulous "art daughter" Kelly who taught me to play with scraps of paper when I took a class from her locally which made me want to do the same with fabric. First paper, then a little fabric in my paper books, then mostly all fabric with a helping of Jane, and it flies on its own.
By the way, if you need or want a little inspiration, Kelly has lots. She is teaching online now, (Yes, really!) and you should check her classes out. Over 120 other people are sitting in class with her now. And if you are lucky enough to be in the Phoenix area, she will be here in person next weekend teaching her little heart out, and inspiring the masses.


  1. Love ya, "Art Mom".
    So proud of you!!!!!!!!!
    Heh heh, you're not the only one who haunts magazines. One of my fave stores put up a post that they had the new issues of Artful Blogging, etc.. in store. The store owner did it while I was out picking up Tristan. I called her about 10-15 minutes after she posted. She answered the phone saying "I was wondering how long it would take you..." HA HA HA she KNOWS me.

  2. are so lucky to be able to buy them over there in the States..I love Sew Somerset and Somerset Home.