Sunday, January 25, 2009

Art Weekend

Almost the whole weekend, I have been in my studio and my sewing room working away on secrets and projects.

One project was a book of papers. Kelly Kilmer emailed me a while back asking if I wanted to participate in a paper swap, and while I was thinking about it, the deadline to sign up passed. So instead of getting grumpy like we all know I am fully capable of, I just set off to make my own. The idea was to include lots of different types of paper to make it funky. I bound it adding pieces made with pieces cut from a composition book. Some day, I might want to host a swap like this. I think it would be fun.

Another project is so secret, I can't post pictures until the items reach the recipients. I am participating in a valentine exchange. We had to decorate three boxes, fill them with goodies and include something hand made. I LOVE decorating boxes, so I had to participate. Those will be posted later.


  1. Definitely have to swap papers! Put it on our "to do" list, girlfriend.....

  2. Can't wait to see the Valentine's goodies!