Sunday, January 18, 2009

All In A Thread Junkie's Day's Work

Today, Penney, my crazy art sister as I like to call her sometimes, came over to the studio, and we sewed together, kind of like two people who sit next to each other and paint or make jewelry. Except we sit at my sewing machines and talk and laugh and make things. This is a sneak peek at the two books I am working on now. I just started them yesterday and they are a lot of work, so they aren't done just yet. As I said to Penney today as we were working, "Ya know, it takes a lot more time to sew stuff down than it does to glue it." I will post more of them when I am done.
I realized after posting the last book that I completely forgot to photograph one of the spreads, but I can't go back and fix that now because that book in the mail. Drat!
Penney also helped me play with the image now at the top of my blog. Then I called Jeane and asked her how my boy Jim (also know as my #1 son-in-law) helped her with hers. Then I just started playing around and figured out a few more things. It is part of my thread stash. Call me a thread junkie. I don't care.


  1. Girlfriend,
    The header looks fab! Aren't you glad you dusted off your camera?