Friday, February 8, 2013

Gelli Plate Classes Update

Today's class, just like the last one had such amazing students. We even had people from Payson, AZ and the state of Washington. By the time class was over, it was like we were all old friends. It is amazing how quickly us old timers can teach the newer people how to call out, "Debbie, I want a (whatever) when a little art emergency arises and it is decided that what is being used in class must be in the bag going home, too. Of course Frenzy Stamper had just what we needed, especially lots of new stencils. Well, since the first class sold out, several others have asked to come "next time," and today there were only two seats left over, we are going to offer the class again on Saturday, April 13 from 10-4. More pictures are here:     Come join the fun!


  1. Hi Jane : ) just wanted to reiterate how much I enjoyed your class yesterday : ) great fun, and people all around !!! can't wait for your next exciting class, hope you'll post sooooon : )
    I'm sure you'll have loads and loads of fun at the Artful Journey - DJ Petit is one of my early favorites and of course, Abbi Smith, ohhhh myyyy : ) I was fortunate to buy some of her paper from her and it is just exquisite !!!! haven't used it for fear of not having it around, hahaha : ) after your class, I certainly have a new lease on life to use up my wonderful papers/stash on fun stufff - thanks for releaseing the creative bug in me again - lovelovelove it !!!!!!!
    I will keep in touch with the shop and hopefully this will post cause Blogger doesn't like me too much - or I will just e-mail you direct !!!!!
    Blessings, Sandra in Payson : )

  2. Hi Jane. Would you ever consider doing an online class? My art guild ladies in NC are just crazy for the Gelli Printing plates, but I was not sharing their excitement. Now I am trying really hard to see what can be done with them. As a book maker, I am very interesting in your use. I live in the Houston, TX area, so AZ is a little too far to travel.

    Dawn Meisch (a fellow CZT (#7))

    1. Dawn, please email me at so I can reply personally. Thanks!

  3. that journal looks beautiful! I just want to reach in and touch all those pages.