Sunday, March 18, 2012

Busy-ness, Rambling, and Dreams

How long has it been since I posted last? Too long, really. But I have been sidetracked.  To make a long story short, I have been bitten by the crochet bug. I have played around with crocheting many times before, never really reading a pattern, just making things like afghans and teddy bear sweaters in pieces that would be the same as a pattern piece I saw in my mind and then stitching them all together to make whatever I wanted. To make a long story short, the time came when I told myself that I needed to learn the names of the stitches and at least try to read some patterns. I chose to teach myself by looking in books. I learned to embroider this way and have learned as much using this method as by having people teach me.  I crocheted on some journal pages back in the fall which I think may have been the kickstarter, but that has spread, since Christmas, to handwarmer type mitts and about 90 scarves which are going to be sold and help out an organization that helps young figure skaters and hockey players raise money for tournaments and such. It has been such great fun. I just bought gobs and gobs of yarn and made each one up as I went with different sizes, styles, and color patterns in a variety of stitches. I don't think I have more than one set of twins scarves. The event is next month, so I am really in high gear now.
I have managed to do other things as well, outfits for preschool western week, working on my plethora of items to sell and donate to Art Unraveled for the shopping extravaganza and the silent auction, and my first set of hearts for the Ten of Hearts class.  Here is what they look like. I made a few extra so even the last picker gets a choice.
I wish I was better at taking more pictures of what I do on a weekly basis.  I really want to blog with more of them, but it seems that the process always takes precedence over the picture taking at the end. I have undertaken a big big project inside my house that is 90% done. I am good at setting goals for myself. Maybe I should set taking more pictures as a goal when the house project is all done. Can't make any promises, but a girl can dream, right?


  1. Thanks! I am so excited to see what all everyone else in class comes up with for the class swap!