Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another One "In the Books"

Jeane just called all charged up. She got her copy of Somerset Studio Gallery Winter 2010 today which has a 6 page article about a collaborative book we did with 25 other artists. I hosted it and talked Kelly Kilmer into doing the cover. Many of the pages of this ABC chunky book are featured on the spreads including Kelly's, Jeane's, and mine. Jeane did T, and I did S, so since the letters are together in the alphabet, we are sharing a page. I wonder how often something like this happens, mother and daughter stuff. No matter what, I am happy this is something we can share.


  1. Jeane?? Our Jeane all charged up??? Nah, must be the wrong Jeane. LOL!!!!

    Huge congrats Jane!!! It was an awesome exchange and you ARE the hostess with the mostest!!!! We would all be so lucky to have an Art Mom like you who gets it and whom we could share a page with.


  2. Can't wait to see it! With ladies like you, Jeane and Kelly, it has to be awesome!

    Much artsy love :)