Sunday, October 18, 2009


Last summer when Jeane and I were in California visiting our favorite Californian, Kelly Kilmer, we swung by Zinnia, one of her favorite funky stores. They were preparing for a show that is now in the works. The plan then that has now become a reality is that 350 works of art would be hung in their new gallery, anonymously, and set for sale as such to raise money for a great cause for planet Earth. Kelly, Jeane, and I are all particpating along with lots of others artists of all ages and walks of life, many of them famous in their own right. You can go here to see more about Zinnia's new place which is better than ever and has a gallery. There is even a slideshow of the beginning of all these works being put up in the gallery. How cool is that? I wish I could be there in person on the big day coming up this week, but I will not. Kelly is going to keep us posted about all that she experiences with it. Thanks, Kelly!

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