Friday, March 20, 2009

The Challenge

I feel like an art machine. I have been cranking out so much stuff it is just crazy. I am trying to get my too many swaps I have signed up for done so I can start working on some things I want to do that don't have a deadline. I want to get way ahead, not a few days or a month, like 6 months. I actually did it once and then way too many enticing offers came along, and now I need a snow plow to get out. Good thing I'm having fun plowing. In the midst of the swaps came a challenge from Kellie in one of my groups. She sent all of us pretty much the same stuff, bits and pieces of paper mostly, things like tickets, ads, cigar bands, a note, a napkin, etc. She wanted to see what different things we would all come up with. I admit I stashed the napkin. Too bad because what I did not see that someone else did was that I could have folded that puppy into a Kimono for a doll. Oh well. Here is what I actually did do. I cut up all the pieces into smaller pieces, arranged them on a piece of upholstery fabric (OH, big, big surprise!) and sewed them down. Then I added funky stitches, stamps, found objects, and other good old stuff. I covered all the squares with clear plastic and sewed that on top of the squares, adding an index tab. I hope the next step will be to make it into a tote bag, but I may change my mind before the wind blows. For now, here it is. Excuse the bad photography. For anyone as new as me at at this, if you click once on the picture, it should pop up bigger on your screen so you can see it better.


  1. this is fantastic. what you can do with a sewing machine just amazes me. love this and it would look really great on a tote, or even a book cover.

  2. WOW that came out GREAT!!! I love it!

  3. Jane, I like what you did and you shouldn't apologize for sewing like you always do. That is your most comfortable medium and it came out really cute. The tote bag idea is fantastic!