Friday, February 20, 2009

Rolodex Heaven

I think I am in Rolodex heaven. I don't remember where the idea came from originally, but I sat on it for a long time. When Penney started her group, I knew it was time to bring rolodex swapping to life. So, in her group, people are allowed to send in ten cards per month and get 10 back. The theme for this month was black and white. The cards are amazing, and they just look so cool in my spin around rolodex. They don't even try to jump off the tracks. For my design, I did a cityscape with all black and white, of course. The little tab that has the word white on it is showing from the card behind mine, a part of her design. I plan to go back and decorate the "A" divider card in some way to announce the theme so it will be more exciting than the boring blue. I will continue doing a new divider card for each theme. I can't wait 'til this puppy is full!


  1. This looks even better in real life.......can't wait for the next set of pages!

  2. YIPPIE! This is going to be so much fun filling up or rolodexes!