Monday, May 19, 2014


In case you have been wondering what I have been up to since the last post, let's just say that I have been letting a lot of ideas simmer, some fabric, some paper, some Zen, some other things. Simmering is how some of my favorite things come to fruition. I usually wake up with an idea of what I want to do in the studio, but these are rarely things I just "dreamt up," rather things I have been allowing to jiggle around in my head for a while. While all that action has been happening, I have actually been getting other plans and projects done and taken care of, ones that boiled over, in a good way.

I have spent some time prepping to venture out to teach a Zentangle® class in Flagstaff in June. It sure will be nice to get away from what the heat always is here in AZ for June, as well as make some new Zen friends.

Another (wonderfully) time consuming thing I have been working on is for one of my upcoming classes at Art Unraveled this summer called Tangling on the Walls.  We will be using a book by Sherwood Forlee called Walls Notebook. Every page in the book is a photo of a wall. I have been doing Zentangle Inspired Art on the pages, also known as ZIA. Even though I have plenty of pages done, almost 80 and way more than enough for class, I just keep happily working away. It is almost like I cannot stop myself. :) You can see a few of those pages here. The newest ones I am keeping a lid on until class. (If you are interested, details on my Art Unraveled Basic Zentangle class using ATCs are here, and my gelli plate class info. is here.)

Because the Walls book was so much fun, I started another altered/tangled book using Sabrina Ward Harrison's book called, The True and the Questions. It is a journal designed for people to add whatever they wish to the pages. About 65 pages are now tangled in my copy. I am including a few of those altered pages here today. I hope you enjoy them. Maybe this book will turn in to a class, too!

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