Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tangling on Fabric

Zentangle - Beyond the Basics: Tangling on Fabric $45
Tangle an apron or totebag, your choice. We will begin by sketching out some tangles on practice canvas, then instruction will be given on how you can create your own unique piece of work. Assistance will be given throughout the time frame as needed to make your apron your own. Afterward, you can use what you learned to tangle on all sorts of fabric items. Please note that the aprons that are provided will be available in white or offwhite twill with same color pockets already sewn on at the bottom of the apron. The aprons in the photos (what I had at the time) came with no pockets, so I sewed on fabric ones. The tote is heavy duty canvas and pretty big, about 16" X 18" with two large pockets, about 6"x9"each on the front. It has a pleated bottom meaning the bottom will be rectangular in shape. This means the tote is not like a pillow case with handles which is what it would be with no pleating. If  you have any questions, please email me @ When registering for the class, please indicate whether you would like to do an apron or a tote, so I can prepare accordingly.
Student supply list: 2 fabric pens available at Frenzy Stamper $3. each
ALL other items needed for class, including the apron OR totebag are included in the class fee.
Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale, AZ
Please call the store to register 480.946.0007.
  Come play with us, because it is going to be a fun time.

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