Sunday, May 27, 2012

More Ten of Hearts hearts

Working away in the studio today. Here is part of what I got done, both  groups are from sets of hearts for the class at Art Unraveled where we will swap hearts and attach them to fabric pages, making a book called The Ten of Hearts. I have 4 sets done now, so I am done with this part of getting ready for this class. Some are backups, just in case they are needed last minute.
The top set is made out of gessoed canvas that I tried out some tangles on.  I quilted some fabric and sewed the canvas hearts down and then added a rhinestone heart. The rhinestones look better live.
The second set is pattern tissue that I stitched multiple layers of onto some sturdy paper. The base is a Hambly transparency sewed down to a piece of lettered canvas. After stitching all that together, I sewed on a little pair of Tibetan silver scissors. The scissors move around still since they are just sewn with a loop stitch.

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