Sunday, September 11, 2011

Playing with Debbie/Fabric Friends

Earlier in the week, I trekked over to Frenzy Stamper. I needed to take care of some business for my class coming up on September 17th. With that taken care of, Debbie of all things Frenzy, and I played away the rest of the day making flowers, having lunch, and giggling, and stuff.   : )

Here are some of the flowers I made. They are not all done yet. Several of them are actually more than one flower, but they are stacked so the smaller flower looks like the middle layer or the center. I may sew them all together later when I am done playing.  Every time I see a fiber flower somewhere, I disect it with X-ray eyes and try to figure it out. I have about 30 different ideas of how to make a variety of looks and at least 10 places you could use them in art creations that I am experimenting with.

As I am playing around, I am discovering different ways to get the job done. I need to see if there is enough interest to hold a class. I have accumulated lots of sheers and nets and fancy fabrics and ribbons from a variety of sources, so this could be very fun. At least there would be a lot to choose from supply-wise. If  you have a comment about these, I would love to hear it as feedback for future planning.

While I was there, another customer came in who deals with fabric samples. Before she left, she gifted me some samples that were discontinued. Jackpot! I think I have a magic magnet on my forehead that attracts amazing people who just give me things that end up in projects such as this. Several of the materials in these flowers came along a similar path. What's not to love about fabric friends?

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