Thursday, March 10, 2011

Coming Soon! Gasp!

So as I was scrolling through my inbox, and reading the latest ad from Stampington, I found this:
Scrolling to the bottom I found one of my projects! I actually gasped;I was so surprised. I knew my work was going to be in the magazine, but not in the ad. This is one of three pieces in a set of items I made from old quilts I got at the Art Unraveled shopping extravaganza in the Hannah Grey booth. The other two projects are a purse and a computer bag. The magazine should be on newsstands and in stores April 1. (No joke!)


  1. Congratulations Jane. How exciting to be published.

  2. Wow! Beautiful! Congratulations! I love our work. ~Kath

  3. I bought other parts of this quilt from Hannah Grey -- I made an iPad cover from one :)Congrats on being published -- and especailly for being in the ad!

  4. Congratulations! I hope that one day, my work could also be noticed. Anyhow, you are very talented! :)

    ~Hessed Joy