Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Baby for a Baby Needs A Quilt, No?

I rarely write about my personal life, but sometimes I can't help it. Usually it involves my extraordinary granddaughters, and this time is no exception. Recently, my two daughters, the granddaughters and I were off on what we call "hair day."
It involves getting up at the crack of dawn or earlier, all trekking to daughter one's house, since she lives in the middle, me treating everyone to breakfast, taking the obligatory trip to Target (another chance to spoil the little ones, but not too much, I promise) meeting up with another friend at the salon and the six of us taking up a half day's appointments on our hairdresser, Laurie's calendar. We sit around, talk, laugh, and take turns getting the do's done. Sometimes we have lunch afterward. It has gotten to be a little tricky with naps and all having to be calculated in, but anyway... We decided to try a different spot for breakfast this particular time, so we chose Cracker Barrel. Now, if you have ever been in there, you know you have to look around in the shop, even if you aren't waiting for a table. We left behind the Mr. Christmas carousel music box and the beautiful serving plates, but we found red velour 1st Christmas reindeer footie pajamas with floppy eared reindeer on the toes for "Kenne" that we absolutely could not resist and debated over a special little Christmas quilt Kenne's mom fell in love with. I told her I could make one that was not Christmas colors, and she agreed that would be a great idea since Kenne had been spending her play time sitting on a blanket that has seen better days. She liked this particular once since she thought it would be a toy in itself. Well, since that few short weeks ago, one baby girl has mastered crawling, so there is no keeping the kid on her little blanket anymore. Her mom and I did agree that it wouldn't be necessary for me to make Kenne the little quilt after all, but I had it in my head. I had to do it. Kenne mostly plays with her sister's toys since the child has more than enough to outfit a day care center, and dolls are the favorite of them both. I got Kenne her own doll for Christmas, and so I decided to make a doll size quilt like the one her mom originally requested. Keegan has her own doll quilt by Nona, so this would be only fair, right? Here it is. I hope Kenne and my daughter both love it. The green gingham checks are left from a crib quilt I made my daughter that she loved like nothing else. The rest is from my stash including some that a friend Sharyn gave me in a trade for a book kit. Maybe she will recognize some of it. Don't worry, I've got everything sewn down so tight, it would take a Swiss army knife to get any of those pom poms loose.


  1. This quilt is so perfect for a baby who will enjoy grabbing at the yo yo flowers!!!! And will be so attracted to the colors too.

  2. AWWWWWWWWWWW What a wonderful Nona!!!!!!!!

  3. Just beautiful! How lucky for your grandbabies to have a Nona who makes them things. I still have many of the things my gramma made for me when I was little. I am sure this will be cherished for years to come.

    And I do recognize some of those fabrics :) Happy to see them put to good use.